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We are passionate about supporting innovation. The Diversity Investor Academy aims to provide education on early stage investment in order to support inclusion and diversity.


Some of the topics you will learn in 101 BA Education Second Round (starting August 2020) include:

Innovation ecosystem

Experience as a Business Angel

Investors Ecosystem

Types of Investments

Startup Cycle  

Types of Investors 






What to expect in an elevator pitch as an investor

The Pitch 

The Deck 

What You Need to Know








Legal considerations before investments

Liquidation Preference 



Control Terms 


Founders Terms 

Reps & Warrants & Indemnities



Financial considerations before investments

Term Sheet

Fully Diluted vs. Issued 

Financial Scenarios








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Some of our panelists from the first round of 101 BA Education  


Did you miss the first round of 101 Business Angel Education?

The first round of 101 BA Education consists of panel discussions, assessments, and recorded lessons about due diligence, early stage investment concepts, financial considerations before writing your first check and much more.  

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